Happy Birthday

July 2nd 1979, a 28 year old mother of two, gave birth to a happy and healthy baby boy.
It was also a special day for her, it was her birthday. Since then, the two of them shared birthday memories.
This is a story about my wonderful mom. She is truly the best mom. My dad brought home the bread but my mom made it into a meal. My dad built a house but my mom made it a home, a place where I was blessed to grow up in.
She is a lady that put me above everything. No words or blog post will ever do her justice.
Here are a few, Pretty. Loving. Sweet. Supportive. Silly. Cooker. Maker. Learner. There are hundreds of others but I think you get the point.
My mom and I share more then a birthday, we share a bond.
She is a daughter, sister, wife, friend but I call her mom.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Betty Ann Webster

Brock Webster



A Backwards Happy Father’s

Father’s Day is a day set aside to honor all the fathers. While I am blessed to have a wonderful daddy/dad/father, this is not about him. If you want to see him and hear about him look up my Real Life SuperHero post.
This story is about why I am a Father/dad/daddy/paddy!!!!
I give all credit to Brianna and Briley or known as B&B!
For 28 years Father’s Day was about my pawpaws and dad but in 2008 that all changed. I was blessed with these to beauties, if you do not believe me check out my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
I am so proud of these girls, they are not only beautiful on the outside, they are even more beautiful on the inside. They have the sweetest disposition, I enjoy watching them interact with others. I have never heard a harsh word come out of their mouth. B&B have a caring heart, every time they hear of someone sick, they worry until that person feels better. My girls enjoy school, music, art, sports and church!! Yes they are well rounded!!!!
Being my daughters might not be easy BUT being their Father/Dad/Daddy/Paddy is a TRUE BLESSING!!!
(Btw paddy is what Briley calls me, she also calls me Brock)
Thank You for reading!!!
May Love, Grace and Mercy be with you!!!
Brock Webster


June 5th 1970, a date that will live in my life forever. This is day my wonderful parents got married.
I was blessed with the best parents ever. I have hundreds of stories but I will save them for another day. Today, I just wanted to tell everyone that it is their 44th wedding anniversary.
Ok just one story.
My parents have their own views on politics and social issues (and trust me they are strong). But not once did they nor do they ever try and make me think like them. They always aloud me to be me and think for myself, even though it was different from theirs.
If everyone had parents like Bill and Betty the world would be a better place.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY mom and dad, I am a better person because of you.
Signed Brock, Bubba and son.

Brock Webster


You hear it said location, location, location are the keys to selling a house.
You can add your own the words for just about anything.
Cookies, cookies, cookies???
Kids, Kids, kids???
Sleep, sleep sleep???
All of these are great. What are your three words?
As I think about being a New Testament / 2014 Christian, I think of “relationship”!!
People today are looking for someone to listen to them but almost all have issues with not telling, even though they are wanting to.
I stop most morning on my way to work and buy a cup of coffee, I stop at the same store. After a few weeks the workers started noticing me as a regular. And all I did was listen!! After a few weeks I had built a relationship with them. I listened to their stories, laughed at their jokes and called them by name. The next thing I knew we were friends. Total strangers to “passing friends”.
What are you doing to help people??
Relationships, Relationships, Realtionships!!!
“People do not care how much you know, until they know how much they care”

Two Stooges

We have all watched or at least heard about the Three Stooges, right?

I was thinking about that show and how them three guys was always together having fun and loving life. As I think about that I ask myself who would be in “my” Three Stooges? Who are the 2 people I would want to spend everyday with having fun and loving life? Not counting family (that is to easy of an answer)

The first one for me is a no brainer, it is my “little Buddy”. His name is Jeff. He is a wonderful friend and an even better person. We have some great stories and if I told them to you, you would not believe them, but I promise they are true and full of life. I will tell you some of them stories at a later date.

The next person is the one I have trouble with, there are a bunch of people in my life that I would like to have as the other spot and for different reasons. However, for this time I will leave my list at 2 for now.

For the time being I will count my blessing that I have one awesome friend and hundreds of friends.

Who is in your group of three??

I hope you have a Little Buddy in your life.


It is Friday, you know what that means.

Topic, Broken

Ready. Set. Go.

We all have heard the saying, “if it aint (isn’t) broke don’t fix it”.

If that is true why do I change the oil in my car??
Why do I clean my house??
Why do I mow the yard??

The fact of the matter we must fix things all the time.

If we never fix things then everything will be broken soon.

This applies to our personal life, our home life and our work life.

BUT it also applies to our spiritual life.

How can we keep our spiritual life from getting broken??

We must stay Prayed up, studied up and Read up!!

May Love Grace and Mercy be with you!!