Everyone Has a Story

He sits in his wheelchair all day. He can not feed himself. He can not even tell you what he had for lunch. His has are crippled, his leg do not work anymore and he has lost his mind to Alzheimer’s. I meet this man a few weeks ago. After talking to him I realized […]


Up until a few years ago my reading was only a have to, not because I wanted to. But after going back to school I have opened my mind to reading. I try to read two books a month, while that does not like a lot, I send a lot of my time reading blogs, […]

Summer Learning

Growing up on a hobby farm, I learned the value and life lessons of a garden. Four years ago I wanted to teach my girls the same things I learned. Little did I know I was the one going to learn. I have enjoyed all the hard work that goes into a family garden but […]

My Thoughts on Ferguson

We all have some, some are fact based and some are agenda based but we all have some. For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction. These two statements are true for what is gong on in Ferguson, MO. As I sit here 500 miles away hoping and praying it does not happen […]

She Listens

This evening while getting B&B ready for bed, one ask me a very common question. They are both going through the “ask questions” stage, but this time I received an answer I was not expecting. She ask, who made dogs? I said, we believe that God made everything that is good. She says, what did […]

You Might Have Been Told Wrong

Have you ever been told something for fact, only to find out years later it was false? This was me, with a very popular saying. Love the sinner, hate the sin!! Hearing so many people say this has made me think, about what they are really saying. First : You hear people say the bible […]

Hang On

A few days ago we took B&B roller skating, they were super pumped and ready to “roll”. After a few seconds we realized they were going to have a hard time getting the hang of it, they tried their best. Both of them grabbed the rail and only let go to grad our hand or […]