Up until a few years ago my reading was only a have to, not because I wanted to. But after going back to school I have opened my mind to reading. I try to read two books a month, while that does not like a lot, I send a lot of my time reading blogs, articles and sermons.
My friend and writer Andi Cumbo-Floyd from time to time post a list of top books, you can find her work here

Here is a list of books that made an impact in my life!!! (In no particular order)

Don’t Sit on the Bed, written by William G. Justice. Even though it was written in 1973 it’s points and ideas still work and apply today. This book has helped me in my ministry.

Animal Farm, written by George Orwell. Another old but well written book. Being raised on a farm, it gives human life to animals. It has helped me understand that animals are more then just animals, they have feelings!!

The Little Engine That Could, written by Watty Piper. Yes, I know it is a children’s book. If you will just read it you will see why it is a classic. This is a book and lesson I teach B&B. You can do anything if you your mind and hard work into.

Unchristian, written by David Kinnaman. This book is full of statics that will help the Christian and church. It is a tough book because it shows where the Christian and the church are missing out on reaching people.

The Bible, written by several authors. While I have read the book cover to cover several times. I find more enjoyment by reading just a few verses a day. The books Ruth, Acts and Romans are some of my favorite.

Who Moved My Cheese, written by Spencer Johnson. I have read this book at least 20 times, I even had a chance to meet the author. No words can describe this book. Of all the books I have read this one is by far my favorite, I recommend it to everyone!!!

Some other books I recommend are
Seven Days in May, written by Jennifer Luitwieler
The Slaves Have Names, written by Andi Cumbo-Floyd
Delivering From Memory, written by William D. Shiell

What are some books you have read and would recommend??

Thank you for reading my blog and may Love, Grace and Mercy be with you.

Brock Webster


One thought on “Books

  1. Hey Brock! One book and two authors immediately come to mind. “What’s So Amazing About Grace” by Philip Yancey. Read it once a year to remind myself what grace is really about. Two authors that I really enjoy – Rachel Held Evans and Brian Mclaren. Mclaren’s writing has changed my life!

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