Summer Learning

Growing up on a hobby farm, I learned the value and life lessons of a garden. Four years ago I wanted to teach my girls the same things I learned. Little did I know I was the one going to learn. I have enjoyed all the hard work that goes into a family garden but the best part is spending time with B&B. I have lots of stories but none better then the one I learned this year.
But first one quick story, because I enjoy talking about B&B. The first year we planted the garden, we were out pulling weeds. I told the girls to ONLY pull the weeds and leave the plants alone. After showing them the plants and the weeds I felt like they understood so I let them start pulling weeds. All was going great until B said ” look dad a big weed”. It was not a big weed, it was a month old cucumber plant. She was so cute, I could not get on to her.
I noticed something this year that I never noticed or thought about before. As you know, several key things goes into a good garden. But none are no more important then water. I would go water the garden every morning, that it did not rain. On one Tuesday I had a busy morning and did not go watering, by the next day, some of the plants had already started to wilt. I thought to myself they would not make it but I watered them anyway. Went back out there a few hours later and to my surprise the plants were standing up tall and lively.
This made me think about my spiritual life and how often I give it, what it needs. We can feed our spiritual lives with many different things, but the main thing, is to give it attention. The truth of the matter is, that we all need to feed it, so it can grow healthy and beautiful.
How often do you feed your spiritual life??
May Love, Grace and Mercy be with you!

Brock Webster
As always thank you for reading


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