She Listens

This evening while getting B&B ready for bed, one ask me a very common question. They are both going through the “ask questions” stage, but this time I received an answer I was not expecting.
She ask, who made dogs?
I said, we believe that God made everything that is good.
She says, what did Jesus make?
At this point, like I do sometimes, I turned it around on her and ask her a question.
I ask, what did Jesus give us?
Without even a wink, she said, He gives us unconditional love!!!!!
I almost screamed with excitement but I just smiled and yes you are correct.
The moral of this story, kids do listen to what we say.
What are you teaching your kids, grand kids, friends kids, neighbors kids and any other kid you know??
Because they are listening!!!!!

Thank you for reading and may Love, Grace and Mercy be with you.

Brock Webster


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