You Might Have Been Told Wrong

Have you ever been told something for fact, only to find out years later it was false?
This was me, with a very popular saying.
Love the sinner, hate the sin!!

Hearing so many people say this has made me think, about what they are really saying.
First : You hear people say the bible say this. No, it does not. However, the bible does say “love the sinner, hate your on sin”. We are called to “love our neighbor”.
Second : The word hate. When it comes to hating a food, a computer or anything else man made, is ok. But hating something God has made is just not right. Plus, how can you fully love the sinner if you hate something they are doing?!? Love and Hate can not exists together.
Third : The bible does say, “love the sinner hate your own sin”.

No matter what you call a sin, let’s make sure we are offering Love, Grace and Mercy, just as God did through Jesus.

Will you join me in getting this saying out of our vocabulary?

Thank you for reading. May Love. Grace. and Mercy. be with you!!!

Brock Webster


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