Everyone Has a Story

He sits in his wheelchair all day. He can not feed himself. He can not even tell you what he had for lunch. His has are crippled, his leg do not work anymore and he has lost his mind to Alzheimer’s.

I meet this man a few weeks ago. After talking to him I realized that he had an interesting story.

I have recently finished a study on the Beatitudes. As I think of them and Mr. B, I came up with a new one.

Everyone has a story, blessed are those who listen.

Mr. B is WWII vet, a farmer, a son, a husband, a dad and my friend. After several talks, or should I say listening, with him, I have received a blessing.

Everyone has a story, are you listening??

May Love, Grace and Mercy be with you!!

Brock Webster



Up until a few years ago my reading was only a have to, not because I wanted to. But after going back to school I have opened my mind to reading. I try to read two books a month, while that does not like a lot, I send a lot of my time reading blogs, articles and sermons.
My friend and writer Andi Cumbo-Floyd from time to time post a list of top books, you can find her work here http://www.andilit.com

Here is a list of books that made an impact in my life!!! (In no particular order)

Don’t Sit on the Bed, written by William G. Justice. Even though it was written in 1973 it’s points and ideas still work and apply today. This book has helped me in my ministry.

Animal Farm, written by George Orwell. Another old but well written book. Being raised on a farm, it gives human life to animals. It has helped me understand that animals are more then just animals, they have feelings!!

The Little Engine That Could, written by Watty Piper. Yes, I know it is a children’s book. If you will just read it you will see why it is a classic. This is a book and lesson I teach B&B. You can do anything if you your mind and hard work into.

Unchristian, written by David Kinnaman. This book is full of statics that will help the Christian and church. It is a tough book because it shows where the Christian and the church are missing out on reaching people.

The Bible, written by several authors. While I have read the book cover to cover several times. I find more enjoyment by reading just a few verses a day. The books Ruth, Acts and Romans are some of my favorite.

Who Moved My Cheese, written by Spencer Johnson. I have read this book at least 20 times, I even had a chance to meet the author. No words can describe this book. Of all the books I have read this one is by far my favorite, I recommend it to everyone!!!

Some other books I recommend are
Seven Days in May, written by Jennifer Luitwieler
The Slaves Have Names, written by Andi Cumbo-Floyd
Delivering From Memory, written by William D. Shiell

What are some books you have read and would recommend??

Thank you for reading my blog and may Love, Grace and Mercy be with you.

Brock Webster

Summer Learning

Growing up on a hobby farm, I learned the value and life lessons of a garden. Four years ago I wanted to teach my girls the same things I learned. Little did I know I was the one going to learn. I have enjoyed all the hard work that goes into a family garden but the best part is spending time with B&B. I have lots of stories but none better then the one I learned this year.
But first one quick story, because I enjoy talking about B&B. The first year we planted the garden, we were out pulling weeds. I told the girls to ONLY pull the weeds and leave the plants alone. After showing them the plants and the weeds I felt like they understood so I let them start pulling weeds. All was going great until B said ” look dad a big weed”. It was not a big weed, it was a month old cucumber plant. She was so cute, I could not get on to her.
I noticed something this year that I never noticed or thought about before. As you know, several key things goes into a good garden. But none are no more important then water. I would go water the garden every morning, that it did not rain. On one Tuesday I had a busy morning and did not go watering, by the next day, some of the plants had already started to wilt. I thought to myself they would not make it but I watered them anyway. Went back out there a few hours later and to my surprise the plants were standing up tall and lively.
This made me think about my spiritual life and how often I give it, what it needs. We can feed our spiritual lives with many different things, but the main thing, is to give it attention. The truth of the matter is, that we all need to feed it, so it can grow healthy and beautiful.
How often do you feed your spiritual life??
May Love, Grace and Mercy be with you!

Brock Webster
As always thank you for reading

My Thoughts on Ferguson

We all have some, some are fact based and some are agenda based but we all have some. For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction. These two statements are true for what is gong on in Ferguson, MO.
As I sit here 500 miles away hoping and praying it does not happen in my city. I begin to feel my heart hurt for all those involved. I told myself I was going to stay out of this but everyday I catch myself thinking of a few things. And I would like to share them with you.
Pray, Pray and when you finish,pray some more. Paul said pray without ceasing.
So will you join me in praying for all those effected in this tragedy??
Let us pray for vision, guidance and peace for ALL effected.
Look, Look and Look for the good in all people. And focus on that even though it may seem small.
So will you join me in finding the good ALL?!?!
May Love, Grace and Mercy prevail.

Brock Webster

She Listens

This evening while getting B&B ready for bed, one ask me a very common question. They are both going through the “ask questions” stage, but this time I received an answer I was not expecting.
She ask, who made dogs?
I said, we believe that God made everything that is good.
She says, what did Jesus make?
At this point, like I do sometimes, I turned it around on her and ask her a question.
I ask, what did Jesus give us?
Without even a wink, she said, He gives us unconditional love!!!!!
I almost screamed with excitement but I just smiled and yes you are correct.
The moral of this story, kids do listen to what we say.
What are you teaching your kids, grand kids, friends kids, neighbors kids and any other kid you know??
Because they are listening!!!!!

Thank you for reading and may Love, Grace and Mercy be with you.

Brock Webster

You Might Have Been Told Wrong

Have you ever been told something for fact, only to find out years later it was false?
This was me, with a very popular saying.
Love the sinner, hate the sin!!

Hearing so many people say this has made me think, about what they are really saying.
First : You hear people say the bible say this. No, it does not. However, the bible does say “love the sinner, hate your on sin”. We are called to “love our neighbor”.
Second : The word hate. When it comes to hating a food, a computer or anything else man made, is ok. But hating something God has made is just not right. Plus, how can you fully love the sinner if you hate something they are doing?!? Love and Hate can not exists together.
Third : The bible does say, “love the sinner hate your own sin”.

No matter what you call a sin, let’s make sure we are offering Love, Grace and Mercy, just as God did through Jesus.

Will you join me in getting this saying out of our vocabulary?

Thank you for reading. May Love. Grace. and Mercy. be with you!!!

Brock Webster

Hang On


A few days ago we took B&B roller skating, they were super pumped and ready to “roll”. After a few seconds we realized they were going to have a hard time getting the hang of it, they tried their best. Both of them grabbed the rail and only let go to grad our hand or fall.
As I watched them go around I realized the rail brought them security, comfort and guidance.
I have and will always be a dad that let’s them try things even though I know they might not be able to do it. I tell and encourage them, they can do anything they want!! But this day they held the rail.
I know there is coming a time they will be “big” and not want me to be there and yes they will even not hold the rail.
Until that day, I hope they hold the rail and know that dad is only a hand away.

May Love, Grace and Mercy be with you.

Brock Webster